Lately I’ve produced so many of Eamonn Lee’s audio descriptions that I’ve clean forgotten to post about them! All of them have been recorded at DSI, read and for the most part written by Eamonn himself.  As well as the theatrical version, which is heard solo through headphones over the top of the cinema systems sound, I have also been producing mixes for DVD and Blu-Ray. We hope the blind community have enjoyed our audio descriptions!

Recent projects include (in reverse order – ish):

SWUNG -steamy

THE HARD STOP – all about the riots that started here in our home town of Tottenham

IONA – a bleak tale set on the Scottish island

REMAINDER – bizarre Memento-like madness

SUFFRAGETTE – a big release, voiced by Lauren Roche

THOMAS QUICK – chilling true crime

… And more that don’t come to mind right now.  Phew! Nice and busy.  Looking forward to the next one 😊


Last summer I was commissioned by Idle Productions to provide audio production, post production and original music for the Alpro Barista Challenge, which took place at the World of Coffee expo in Gothenberg.

Although the event was enjoyable the real thrill came from working with trumpet player Russel Bennett  and saxophonist Rob Milne to create the theme music! Check it out

The latest of our audio description recordings for post house IBF this month, both written and performed by Eamonn Lee, were:


London Road, starring Olivia Colman, the first movie to be distributed in the UK by the National Theatre.


& Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender

AD recording produced by Matt Jarman at DSI


DSI have teamed up with Dan Warburton to score Legitimate films’ next release, Caveman calling. You can see some of the hilarious music making productivity here on the DSI VLOG2 by Trinity Project.

Upon completion of the music, DSI will also be providing the final mix for this and hopefully future Legitimate films releases.

Keep up to date at the Legitimate films website.

DSI are pleased to announce that we recently delivered audio description recordings for the following films. These were our first audio description jobs and we are very pleased to be helping those with visual disabilities fully enjoy these titles via the incredible script writing and voice talents of Eamonn Lee.

Our Robot Overlords

Audio Description Script and voice by Eamonn Lee

Recording and post by Matt Jarman



The Duke of Burgundy

Audio Description Script by Eamonn Lee and Steve Ford

Voiced by DSI’s own Matt Jarman

Recording and post by Nick Howdle-Smith



Second Coming

Audio Description Script and voice by Eamonn Lee

Recording engineered by Matt Jarman, Post by Matt, Nick Howdle-Smith and Bruno Pires.



This short film by director Amancay Tapia was made in 2011 for a shorts competition. Noise was again a big issue here. The background music is from my band Alta Cruz.

Watch Appearances on vimeo


In 2010 I worked on this very enjoyable project, providing foley, sound design and final mix for director Gabriela Dworecki’s short film The Awakening. This character piece described a man’s transformation from respectable business man to sinister lady of the night. The film was released at the Raindance festival that year.

The Awakening on Director Gabriela Dworecki’s Blog


Hichestan is a feature length, dark tale about an Iranian played by Parviz Ghodsi, who brings his family to London illegally in search of better life, with terrible consequences.

DSI audio post provided all dialogue editing, sound design and mixing. Music was created by Chris Corcoran.

I have now submitted the final mix and the production team are negotiating distribution. The journey has been a long one, with many obstacles to overcome. The dialogue edit alone required several months to clear up all the noise issues. Thanks to the film’s editor Abo Talooni, and let’s not forget the wizardry of iZotope RX2 (phew).

Hichestan, facebook page



Another 5.1 audio conform last October, this time for the Dutch film APP about a murderous phone app that takes over a girl’s life!


In 2009 I had the  pleasure of sinking my adamantium claws into clearvision’s Marvel DVD releases. I performed audio conforms for the German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian audio streams for titles including The X-men, Spiderman, The Original Spiderman and Spider-woman.

Marvel DVD multi language audio conforms